1. The רוח. Mental Plane. Zeus. Shu. Where revolves the wheel of the gunas. Sattva, Rajas, Tamas. Mercury, Salt, Sulphur.

2. Ákāśa. Æthyr of physics. Receives, records, & transmits all impulses without suffering mutation thereby. 

Upon the Earth:
3. Sphere where 1 & 2 appear to perception (perceived projections.)

Under the Earth:
4. The world of those phenomena which inform 3.

Dry Land:
5. Sphere of dead material things; (Dry = unknowable). Unable to act on our minds.

6. Vehicle whereby we feel such things (5).

Whirling Air:
7. Menstruum wherein these feelings (6) are mentally apprehended, whirling instability of thought.

Rushing Fire:
8. World in which 7 (wandering thought) burns up to swift darting will. 

9. Any form of consciousness (idea).

10. Any form of action (act).