Section Aa 

Line 1
The Adept asserts his right to enter into conscious communication with His Angel, on the ground that that Angel has Himself taught him the Secret Magick by which he may make the proper link. “Mosheh” is MH, the formation, in Jechidah, Chiah, Neschamah, Ruach —the Sephiroth from Kether to Yesod—since 45 is Σ(1– 9) which Sh, 300, is Σ(1–24), which superadds to these Nine an extra Fifteen numbers. (See in Liber D the meanings and correspondences of 9, 15, 24, 45, 300, 345).
    45 is moreover ADM, man. “Mosheh” is thus the name of man as a God-concealing form. But in the Ritual let the Adept replace this “Mosheh” by his own motto as Adeptus Minor. For “Ishrael” let him prefer his own Magical Race, according to the obligations of his Oaths to Our Holy Order! (The Beast 666 Himself used “Ankh-f-n-khonsu” and “Khem” in this section.)

Line 2
The Adept reminds His Angel that He has created That One Substance of which Hermes hath written in the Table of Emerald, whose virtue is to unite in itself all opposite modes of Being, thereby to serve as a Talis-man charged with the Spiritual Energy of Existence, an Elixir or Stone composed of the physical basis of Life. This Commemoration is placed between the two personal appeals to the Angel, as if to claim privilege to partake of this Eucharist which createth, sustaineth and redeemeth all things.

Line 3
He now asserts that he is himself the “Angel” or messenger of his Angel; that is, he is a mind and body whose office is to receive and transmit the Word of his Angel. He hails his Angel not only as “un-nefer,” the Perfection of “Asar” himself as a man, but as Ptah-Apophrasz-Ra, the identity (Hadit) wrapped in the Dragon (Nuit) and thereby manifested as a Sun (Ra-Hoor-Khuit). The “Egg” (or Heart) “girt with a Serpent” is a cognate symbol; the idea is thus expressed later in the ritual. (See Liber LXV, which expands this to the utmost.)